Krabi and Koh Phi Phi Don

 We left Thursday night by plane and arrived in krabi by 10pm.  We founda sketchy restaurant/bar that was still open.  At first the only girls there we me and my friends and then me and Penguin start to think it’s one of those prostitute places cause all the waiters were women dressed in skanky dresses.  So we get a little nervous until we realize it is actual a cool place and not that sketchy.

The next day we take a boat over to Railey beach.  There i walked through tropical trails to get to the beach and there were tons of friendly monkeys, even baby ones.  I fed them bananas! It was so much fun.  We met this kid name Brandon who was traveling the world by himself. He is originally from San Fancisco.  He leads us to Railey beach and then tells us abouth this private cove we can swim by thatwill be safe for our belongings.  However, it was super rocky and Devonce cut her foot really bad on the coral.  We get her to a hotel where they temporarily wrap her up, then they take her on a golf cart to the local pharmacy where they wrap it up even better but they tell us we have to get her to the hospital.  The problem is we have to get back to the center of Krabi by boat and get on the last ferry to Koh Phi Phi Don.  Luckily, the pharmacist tells us that there is a hospital on Phi Phi and Devonce can wait to get there.  On the walkway to the ferry her foot starts bleeding out again but this time there is a lady going to Phi Phi that works at the hospital and helps wrap up her foot again and calls the hospital to tell them we are on our way.  She couldn’t walk anymore so we had to roll her to the ferry in a luggage cart.  Once there a motorcycle and sidecar was waiting to for her to take her to the hospital for stitches.  After she got that done we got dinner and settled into out hotel.  After that we went to this strip of night clubs on the beach.  It was awesome and there was uv body paint and a giant penis sticking out of the ground.  We all took pictures with the giant penis, obviously.  Oh and btw I was traveling with 8 other girls.  The bathroom cost 10 baht and it was co-ed.  The drinks were super expensive so we bought buckets from treat vendors.  We got sick of the clubs so we striped down to our bikinis and started our own party in the ocean (you could still here the music from the clubs way out there).  Soon enough tons of guys from Argentina were coming out to party with us!  They were super creepy and engineers too…weird.

The next day I took Devonce to clean out her stitches and get them re-wrapped up.  After that we met up with the rest of the group for our all day snorkeling/kayaking adventure.  We went to a bunch of places on this cruise.  I saw beautiful coral and tons of tropical fish.  I jumped out the plank of the boat, it was so much fun!  I kayaked to a beach.  I almost got attacked by evil monkeys and got an amazing tan!  The best part was bonding with my girls all day.  Later that night we hit the clubs again. (guys and gals pissing in the water…WTF!)

On our last day, me, Devonce, Volleyball, Threesome, and Frisbee went to the Phi Phi view point.  It was beautiful!  Definitely worth the hike.  Then we met up with the other girls and spent the rest of our day laying out on the beach until we had to head back to Bangkok.  

Went to a cool market place yesterday with one of my thai partners.  There were a lot of street food vendors and hole in the wall restaurants. Pretty neat.  The shaved ice dessert was sooooo good.

ohh and Iron Man’s new robe looks ridiculous on him! bahaha

emotional team discussion today and team evaluations later

Weekend 1/27/12- 1/28/12

Thong Lo: Rooftop bar and club, bunny mask, Mardi Gras mask and party, long island ice tea, red bull

Khaosan Road:  Giggle’s birthday, buckets, Gazebo, The Club till 3am

Art Museum: multi-media art and photographs from around the world and of the great flood.

Thai Romantic Comedy: ATM was so funny, I suggest seeing a Thai comedy with eng. subtitles if you are every in Thailand!

You SuppahhStar!
Happy Chinese New Year!  It’s the year of the Dragon!

Happy Chinese New Year!  It’s the year of the Dragon!

koh Chang

koh Chang

Dengue Fever

So the Monday after we got back from Koh Chang, Iron Man began to feel sick.  On Tuesday I took him to Health Services on the Chula campus and it was official he had a fever.  They ran some tests and discovered it was a viral infection and possible dengue fever.  Being unable to move by Wednesday, his father demanded he go to the hospital to get tested for maleria and dengue. After the doctor  looked at his test results from the day before, she suggested he be hospitalized for a low blood platelet count.  He was not going to be hospitalized in this run down hospital.  So we made a deal that if his blood test that day came back ok, he could go home as long as someone watches him.  He tested negative for maleria and dengue was unconclusive, but they let him go home and I got the pleasure of watching him for the next 24 hours. Had to sleep in his room and all because he didn’t have a roommate to watch him.  Thank god he was much better by Thursday and his fever went down and he is back to 100% today (Friday).  What a week.

Notes:  Iron Man claimed the hot Thai nurses made up for all the inconvenience haha

Koh Chang

Pop’s Guest House:  We got there at 11:30pm and left at 6:30am.  We had an odd number of males and females and I ended up rooming with Sean for the night.  He was passed out by the time I was done showering.  The shower was not seperate from the toilet area.  The shower head was just on the wall in the bathroom, no tub, no curtain and a hole in the floor for a drain.

Taxi’s:  are actually pick up trucks and they try to shove as many people in the back as possible.  These rides are never boring.  Perfect for a 10 person group!

White Sands Beach Resort:  Beautiful. Right on the water.  We all stayed in bungalows on the beach.  We squished in to save on money.  Me, Kitty, and BBall shared a queen bed for the night. Tanned in 1 hour on the beach.  Got a lot of new freckles.

Beach Bar:  There were not enough beanbags for us so we sat on the ground and we debated for 10 minutes on whether or not they put pot in our hookah.  They didn’t thank god, all though some were disappointed.

Beach Walks: One of my friend got fried here so we’ll call him Lobster.  Lobster and I were swinging on a swing hanging from a tree over the beach and the hotel put a fake spider up high and drop it down on unexpecting guests using the swing, they dropped it on us haha.  We ate at a cute restaurant on the beach.  Sae crabs jumping back into their holes and a huge washed up jelly fish.

Elephant Trekking: We got to swim with, ride, and feed elephants for $30.  Kitty and I rode together and our guide took over 100 pictures of us.  He had us make a heart around ourselves and kept yelling “kiss kiss.”  He also kept yelling “yay for America!” after he found out we were from the U.S. 

Our Journey Back to Bangkok: We left the beach at 2pm to catch the 2:30pm ferry back to the mainland and so we could catch the 4pm bus but if we missed the bus we would just jump on the 6pm bus.  However, the ferry didn’t show up till 4:30pm and had to wait for another ferry to unload before it could dock so we spent 2 hours on it but we did get to see the sunset over the Koh Chang mountains.  We caught a taxi at 6:30pm and got to the bus station at 7pm and ended up on the 7:30pm bus.  By the time we got back to Bangkok the skytrain was closed so we took a Taxi back to our hotel.  On the ride Lobster flick a cockroach off of his leg and on to Kitty’s bag.  We all thought he was kidding until Kitty got out of the Taxi, put her backpack on and screamed because the cockroach was crawling up her back.  All in all, a great trip!

Quotes: “Why wouldn’t we get the ‘other’ flavor?!?!” - Lobster

"Oh there is elephant shit in the water…" -Iron Man

"Maddie, female, bitch….Iron Man, male, asshole"



The happy feet, happy fish tank.  The was Penguins favorite event.

The happy feet, happy fish tank.  The was Penguins favorite event.

Siam Ocean World

One day before we started our projects we all spent a day at Siam Ocean World.  Best experience of my life.  I spent most of my day with Penguin, RyRy, and Sandler.  We did this thing called Happy Feet, Happy Fish.  What it is, is this tub that you sit on the edge of and hang your feet into and little itty bitty fish nibble on your feet.  Freakiest experience ever.  RyRy almost had an anxiety attack from it.  I honestly, thought he had turned into a chick in that very moment.  Then we saw the penguin exhibit, there were three pairs of penguins humping each other.  It was quit the site, the children though they were just “playing.”  Oh they were playing all right haha.  But anyways this is when we all realized that Penguin walked like a penguin and that is how he became known as Penguin.  He seriously has terrible posture and kind of just shuffles along and tilts his body from one side to the other just like a penguin.  After this realization we decided that we would go see the 5D experience movie.  Oh was epic!  We had to be the only 4 Americans in that theater and we were the only 4 laughing hysterically at this 15 minute “educational” movie.  They gave all the characters in this animated 5D film every American stereotype.  The shark had a southern accent was chewing on a piece of hay, they gave the baby dolphin a lisp, one fish sang like Whitney Houston, and there was a lot more.  But at the very end, the main character swims up to the camera and says “we’re all in this together!….That’s a metaphor.”  WTF no it’s not haha.  So that was my day at the largest aquarium in south east asia.